While hanging out on a lowbie with some old friends1 last night, it was observed that the quality of PUGger had gone downhill quite a bit (we had just popped 15, hit RFC and DM right off.). I was reminded of that conversation this morning when reading this2.

After thinking about it a bit, I reasoned that what had happened was that we had experienced the WoW dungeoneering version of the Rapture, and that we were those that were Left Behind.  In terms of the relevant dogma, then, we’re experiencing the Tribulations.

Only those that are pure of heart, stout of body, steadfast and true, will weather this time, brothers and sisters. But, yea, though the Great Gaming Spirit doth punish us for not jumping to STWOR or TSW, we shall overcome. For on the horizon I see, O Brothers and Sisters, I see a shining light! The Metzen doth bestow upon us our Reward! A bright and shining new expansion. Yea, my brethren, we shall overcome!

/wipes chin


Um, so hang in there. MoP is on the way, and for a brief time we’ll get somewhat less of a dumbed down dungeon experience.

Until the next time.3

  1. Healer, Priest, Disco, yo. []
  2. Near the end. []
  3. After all, what has come to pass, will happen again. But that’s another show. []

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