Heads up, everybody!

It’s the other shoe that didn’t drop when 5.0.4 came out.  Blackfallow Ink has gotten its pink slip:

Beginning after the maintenance on Tuesday, October 9, ink traders will be converting from accepting Blackfallow Ink to accepting Ink of Dreams and Starlight Ink will become available for purchase. If you’re still holding on to your Blackfallow Ink, your time to trade it in is running short.

— Nethaera

You’ve got until you log out tonight (ish) to resolve your Blackfallow Ink issues.  Actually, this is an unexpected courtesy. Ink of the Sea got ditched without warning when 4.0.3 went live, so I was expecting much the same this time around.

The good news is this: if you have leftover herbs or Blackfallow inks, you an cash those in for Ink of the Sea now, and still blow through them in no time if your server’s like mine.  Ink of the Sea is still the highest-demand ink out there, so you really can’t have too much of it.

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