For Eff the Ineffable1, it’s opening night. Invites sent and accepted. Gear shined, mogged, and tweaked.  Pets selected carefully and arrayed in the Port-a-Pet.  WeakAuras set up2. Gear gemmed and cogged so that …

Wait …



/whips out the Port-a-Anvil

/cogs like a fool

/wipes brow

Okay, AS I WAS SAYING … we’re all cogged up and ready to go!

I’ve mentioned before and it bears repeating, mostly because I babble when excited, that this is the earliest in any expansion’s release cycle that I’ve been part of a raiding team.  As such I’ve not quite settled in to the new features and gearing needs.  Our RL found the gearing inadequate so he dropped a few PvP mail pieces on me, and some mats so I could make the gun and goggles and scope, so I’m more or less around the 450 iLevel now. Can’t complain. The tweaks fetched me another 30-ish% DPS output on individual targets, so all I need to do now is fine-tune to spread that out to a more average output3.

Going back to Icy Veins to study some more, and we’ll be ready to roll.

Today is a good day to wipe.

  1. Which may still be recruiting, incidentally. []
  2. Yes, I know I was using TellMeWhen, but it lacks two crucial features, so…. []
  3. As in amplifier design, there’s Peak DPS, and Average DPS. Bursty is good when you need it, but DPS fights generally rely on sustained, or average, DPS rather than burst, or peak DPS. No point, just an interesting observation – if you’re me. []
4 Responses to “Jitters”
  1. koalabear21 says:

    Positive outlook is BM is on top again! :D

    Good luck tonight!

  2. Stormy says:


    Raid brain. I haz it.