Mere days after I posted my archived copy of  Hammer of Grammar, WoW Insider featured an interview with one Meghan O’hara, who, it turns out, is the creator of that strip, AKA “Auden”.  The piece was in relation to some fan fiction contest that Meghan was runner-up in.

Zel blasted the alert to me while I was cooking dinner, but, after seeing all that, I went off to see if I could scrounge some contact information out of this.

Meghan posted the entire piece up on WordPress, so I dropped a comment there on the matter.

Long story short (“Too late!”), Meghan has graciously given permission to host her work over here.

So we’re all grins over here today.

Thank you, Meghan!

Oh – and if you haven’t, go read her story, piece, Fresh. It is a great piece of work, with a great ending.

I’ll be updating my original post and the archive page appropriately.

Scout Report, you’re next!

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