As you may have noticed, my guild has a lively, yet not vindictive1 group of healers. Apparently, such innocent things as making a haiku about Lolwells can get you in trouble with your healy friends.  In fact, talking about it may earn you ire in that regard2.

However, healers have so much to DO! Keeping those margaritas topped off, accepting bribes from nervous tanks, and so forth. It’s just a BOTHER figuring out if a target is worthy of receiving such ire or not!

To that end, with Jasra’s help, I present you the LET ALL THE THINGS DIE flowchart. 

You’re welcome.

Heals, plx. kthxbai.


  1. No, really! []
  2. In which, it’s probably statistically meaningless in my case. []
7 Responses to “In the spirit of Flowchart Friday”
  1. Kotakh says:

    Damn, our secret flowchart has been discovered!

  2. lonomonkey says:

    The tank syndicate disaproves of this chart. Majury bugs have been sent your way.

  3. Expatriate says:

    I endorse this event and or product. Every healer should have this chart memorized.

  4. Zelmaru says:

    TEAM HEAL approves of this chart. Unless the rest of them say otherwise.

    There should be a box for automatic death for failure to click the lolwell.

    • Grimmtooth says:

      @zel – Well, to be fair, this is a chart of things a healer can do to speed things along, rather than things people do – or don’t do – to kill themselves. :)