In Eff the Ineffable, raid participants are encouraged to take part in self-evaluations of raid performance after raids. In the same spirit, I present this1.


I may have too many boss mods.

  1. Wile E. Coyote © Warner Brothers Studios. []
6 Responses to “I may need to cut back a little”
  1. Alas says:

    Poor Grimm! That is a lot to sort through.

    • Grimmtooth says:

      This would have been around 10x more funny if I had remembered to get a screenie from the raid last night! Just couldn’t wait another week. :)

  2. Rhimasha says:

    Wilie E. Coyote takes the caek but… What are you doing standing in the fire with 2 minutes of rez sickness left and doing 2.2 k DPS? :P

    • Grimmtooth says:

      I cheated a little bit and copied a screenshot from the molten front dailies. As to what I was doing out there with rez sickness, in around 30 seconds I asked the very same question.

      • Rhimasha says:

        See? That’s why you have your HP indicator show percentage AND numerical value! Maybe you should’ve thought about that before going all technical in the Framed! post. Be Jedi you must before teach you can.

        • Grimmtooth says:

          Bwaha – I have both unit frames AND a HUD display of health up. Never fail when you can do so in epic fashion.