I’m surprised I haven’t seen this elsewhere in the WoWBlogosphere.

If you’re not an aficionado of one Mr. Jon Stewart, you may have missed a little something that drives home how much our culture has come to affect the "real-world" – meta, if you will – culture.  In the below clip, you might see something almost familiar. If you’re unwilling to endure the entire clip, FF to around 3:35.

A chuckle comes around 3:40 when the studio audience reacts to the logo. "You are a nerd crowd!" – followed by a roar of approval from the crowd.

But it gets better!

On the same program, Anne Hathaway features in the third segment, where we get this little exchange (around 1:00).

Anne Hathaway: So, these are the nerds?

Stewart: ::chuckle:: Yes!

Crowd: roars!

Hathaway: (flings arms wide) MY PEOPLE!!!

Crowd: approves!

Anne won my heart right there.

Point being: don’t for a moment assume that having twelve million (ish) subscribers doesn’t carry with it some weight. It does. And not just WoW-heads. As geeks and nerds, we’re taking our rightful place in society, and oddly it isn’t always located in a dark room illuminated only by LED monitors.

Though, mostly, mine is. It shields us from the nasssty dayssstar, preciousss.

2 Responses to “Hear us Roar”
  1. Syl says:

    LOL..more power to us! I also loved when Mr. T and others got involved – it’s time for more famous people to out themselves imo! :P certainly something to give thanks to Blizzard first and foremost.

  2. Eccentrica says:

    Living in a cable-less household I don’t see those sorts of things unless someone draws my attention to them, so you have my thanks for the link.