Grimm’s been hogging the spotlight with his fancy-pants Effers, but the rest of the crew is hanging tough with our original guild. Jasra’s darkness casts a pall, and we usually aren’t considered for raiding since it’s assumed we won’t wan to.

Last night the GM was really desperate and invited me along, and, well, we managed our guild-first kill of a Cataclysm boss.

Magmaw DownIndirectly, Grimm helped out since I was able to peer into his notebook and assure the GM that, yes, we were on the right track (strat-wise) and just keep practicing execution. After three tries, we got him down and broke out the garlic and butter sauce.

OCV is a much more casual guild than Grimm’s guild, but there are many top-notch players within. Once everyone knew what was needed, that big burny prawn went down like a ton of bricks. Us casual types may not get the headlines, but we get the job done eventually.

Since I’m not really used to a raid rotation, some of us take longer than others to get the job done. :)

3 Responses to “Late bloomers”
  1. Mister K says:

    How are the Bunnies? It seems like I’ve been gone forever. Its good to hear they can still get it done on occasion. If you see Ted tell him he’s awesome :)

    • Grimmtooth says:


      Sorry for the delay, I thought I had responded but nooooo.

      Anyhoo – bunnies are doing well, Ted says hi, things are quiet and everyone’s doing their thing. Gracus stopped by last week and hollered out at us, that was great, and we still miss having you around.

  2. Chawa says:

    A guild first kill is a guild first kill, regardless of how many people have already downed the boss before! GRATS!