alas-means-business "You guys are just … wrong. That’s why I love you." – — Alas, over Vent.


I don’t think I need a better introduction, ever.

Despite stooging trash pulls like a boss, we managed to pull off 6/7 FL in less than three hours. Alas is closer to her legendary staff, Nym got her 25th ember/shard thing, and much leather was dropped into the eager mitts of our favorite rogue. I’m sure that’ll just make him that much more uber than I can ever hope to be, but that’s alright.

It’s funny, but I totally kick ass on trash. Give me a boss with … things to do, though, and I’m nuking like a T11 raider, baby.

Yeah, those 4.3 buffs to BM can’t come soon enough.

But what the hell. I may not be top spot on the DPS charts, but I came out of this raid feeling like I didn’t totally screw up. I call that a win.

2 Responses to “If this be wrong, I don’t wanna be right”
  1. Alas says:

    I… don’t even remember what I said that in response to. Knowing you guys, it was something filthy.

    That raid was interesting. But as soon as we got the derp out of our systems on the trash pulls, I thought it went very well indeed. Though I did feel awful for the East Coasters and how late it was by the time we finally finished.

    • Grimmtooth says:

      That’s normal time for a regular raid, so I’m used to it, but I do suppose more fragile sorts might have been a bit wobbly. Then again, having had a good mulching already applied beforehand, the more fragile sorts were probably already gone.