Since our home (aka Grimm Actual’s computer) lost its hard drive, we’ve been existing on a six or seven-year old laptop with, well, “adequate” furnishings.   In realtor terms, it’s a nice little fixer-upper.

There’s no way Grimm’s going to burden his team with a laggy system that may or may NOT let him know in time that it’s the GREEN slime this time around when he does Skittle Balls. T13 raiding does require a little bit more precision to succeed, or even survive, and he’s just a bit doubtful that the old thing will handle Vent plus WoW while soaking on Ultraxion (aka Purple Dragon Balls).

The Bunnies, however, are desperate for bodies, being lucky to bring nine to the show, and often having to do with just eight. Big puppy dog eyes (well, big bunny rabbit eyes) were used to get me to just show up and do whatever it is that I could do.

Naturally, I’m tail-end Charlie on the DPS meters, but after a quick scramble to get some boss mods on I was facing Magmaw in 12 FPS glory. Fortunately, I’m getting cozy with the spell rotation, and action bar layouts are saved to the server, so I was able to do what Warlocks do best.



Faceroll lol

That’s better.


I’m told that plenty of people raid under these conditions. I have no idea how they do it on the progression stuff. All I know is that there are a bunch of us rooting for that hard drive to make a speedy re-appearance.

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