(No, that isn’t a quote. I keep my quatloos this time around)

It’s amazing what you find out about UIs.

Since the laptop is a temporary waypoint, we’re experimenting with a few things, including prepackaged UIs.  I have to say, ElvUI looks very nice. And if I ever figure out how to mod it, it might be what I need. But for the time being, it’s been put aside because there was an upcoming raid and maybe, just MAYBE we’d get Nef down with an 8-man crew – or more like 7.5 with the gimpy warlock.

We were short, so we went after Arthas instead – a guild first, if we managed.  We didn’t, but I did find out something pretty cool.

In BWD, My frame rate often plummeted to 3FPS during fights, but otherwise it was servicable.

In ICC, I hovered around 5FPS most of the time, and boss fights were excruciating 1FPS ballets that were at times a cross between Kabuki and Sumo wrestling.

What this has exposed is an underlying lesson learned by the design team for the software.  I don’t think anyone would claim that BWD was less sophisticated in construction than ICC, but what they did with BWD was make a raid instance that was far more efficient to render. Even for those with adequate machines, this means that you get smoother and more relevant mob animations and floor effects and all that good stuff. Timing can be crucial and they did all they could to remove the instance’s rendering from interfering.

Any time you think the creator of the software "just" did this or "just" did that, recall this. There’s more to a floor than you might think.

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