In life, I elect not to toot my own horn, to not make claims of adequacy or excellence, but to leave it to the readers and other people I have contact with to draw their own conclusions.  In the ad world, I would be a complete and utter failure, and, in fact, I prefer not having the pressure of competency hanging over me with its incessant demand to meet the day’s quota of awesome. Obscure, but blissfully unaware of the demands of success, that’s me in a nutshell.

Having said that, I’m happy to let the readers speak for themselves.

  • I help readers do their homework.
  • The blog is both informative and stimulating.
  • It looks wonderful.
  • My information is trustworthy.
  • The blog is useful and interesting for relevant information1
  • Relevant to Droid phones (Who knew?)
  • Full of useful information and fresh knowledge.2
  • I work hard.
  • I understand the internet.
  • I realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important.3
  • Reliable and efficient!
  • More and better stories!
  • My Diablo rants were cleverly disguised Dyson cleaner reviews.
  • I aid newbies.
  • I make uneasy topics easy.4
  • I benefit you with good text.

And the accolades just keep pouring in, for three pages or so last time I checked.

Damned if I know what they were doing in the spam filter.

  1. This was actually a trackback, not an actual comment, to be fair. []
  2. In a former life I was known as MC Short’n’Fresh. Trufax. []
  3. After all, if a problem isn’t made important, it just goes away! []
  4. I use a combination of easy listening music and chloroform. []

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