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Earlier this year, the lovely and talented Tami Moore (AKA Vonya) commissioned a portrait from one Courtney (AKA Awesome Artsy Person).  I inquired if she was looking to do more art for hire, and she was!  Now, at the eve of the new year, I present you, her Art.

Grimmtooth-by-Courtney Clicky to embiggen, of course.

I don;t know what I like best, it has it all. Firearms, demonic chickens, THE Huntard Hat, and an angry predatory feline that just discovered the new bacon shoppe in Stormwind.

Thank you, Courtney – it was worth every copper!

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I can’t help it. Whenever I watch the opening cinematic for the original World of Warcraft (“Vanilla”), I get tingles when the music swells and they do the reveal of the gates of Ironforge.

Makes me proud to be a Dwarf.

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  • Noblegarden bunnies that encounter other Noblegarden bunnies make more bunnies.
  • Those baby bunnies will probably qualify as “critters”.

Guess who’s coming to dinner in Elwyn.

Bon Appetit, Squicky. Bon Appetit!

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I was told that the Toxic Oozling will eat other players’ pets, but I’ve also been told otherwise. Oh please please please make it so, I want to see this handsome fellow gobble up an Argent Squire. Bonus points if he’s on the pony.

This picture shows how even such a wonderful pet comes with a price.

While kissing frogs and trying to find that silly wench that got turned into one, I found that I had to move smartly to get them before Squicky gobbled them up. It was quite the challenge, let me tell you. Just look at that, they hardly get time to respawn!

On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching him clear out penguins. Not ever.

I adore my little puddle of green goo, I really do. Is there any other more appropriate pet for a warlock? I think not.

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