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Every now and then it happens.

I’ll be tending my auctions in Darnassus when the cry goes out: Darnassus is under attack!

Usually I ignore it so as to not disrupt the flow of my auction-tending, but occasionally it takes place while I’m in between tasks, and, for whatever reason, I wander off to see what’s what.

This time of year, of course, all the little scrubs come dribbling in from the portal and make a beeline for Tyrande.  Usually. On one or two occasions it’s been a coordinated raid, which it’s wise to stay out of the way of unless they make nuisances of themselves.  But the little solo raiding divas … well, that’s another matter.

Especially if they’re dicks.

Yesterday, for example, some douche canoe Shaman decided to camp the flight master.  He wasn’t’ looking to bounce Tyrande. He was just sitting there, waiting for the flight master to respawn, then killing him again, rinse repeat, /spit.

This sort of scumbag gets my dander up, so I’ll often give them a pop or three, regardless of whether they pwn my priestly butt or not.  But more often than not, at least lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a better than expected success rate, and that gets me thinking about putting together a moderate crafted PvP set (I’m a tailor after all).  This is Probably A Bad Idea.

I don’t do well in high-pressure personal confrontations like world PvP.  I can’t explain that in any way other than the adrenaline kicks in, I get jittery and shaky, and my heart rate ratchets up by an order of magnitude. Battlegrounds and Arenas are a different matter, mentally, for some reason.  That world PvP just … pushes a button, I guess.  So it’s overall an unpleasant experience.

Still, I do it. And while it is small potatoes to most PvPers, getting [That Takes Class] on the Shammy is gratifying.

(Forgetting about his self-rez … not so much)

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WoW Insider done made themselves a kefluffle!  Just look at Twitter, RagefaceBook, at various blogs, and there it is.  A kerfluffle. Well, as AOL will tell you, "no such thing as a bad pageview", amirite?

So, here it is.  In an article called "How to Ruin Run the Molten Front", for the "Encrypted Text" series, which is a Rogue series. If you haven’t read it, you should probably skim it at least.

Now, the kerfluffle is this. Accusations have rang out that WoW Insider is supporting ganking and griefing by allowing this article to be published. Naturally, many of our favorite bloggers have chimed in on it. It’s a merry old bruhaha, it is.

I’m … not on board.

Here’s the thing.

The techniques described in the article (should have read it!) will only work if the target is either flagged, or on a PvP server. Since there is no good reason at all to be flagged in the Molten Front zone, one can reasonably conclude that the article is written from a PvP server perspective1.

I find it amusing – ironic, even – that anyone on a PvP server would put forth the argument "Leave me alone I just wanna get my dailies done!"  Carebear, much?  I mean, come on. Anyone on a PvP server that utters those words should lose the right to use the word "carebear" forever.

PvP. It sucks. It’s the worst thing EVAR.  So here comes some rogue pointing that out, and how to make sure that it REMAINS the worst thing EVAR.  And ganking comes with. Is it sucky. You bet. Is it out of line? Let’s say, it’s par for the course.

Is it griefing?  Not really, in my opinion. It’s just the way things work on a PvP server. There are no such things as handshake agreements between factions on a PvP server. It’s brutal and it’s ugly and if someone gets out of line, they pay the price in blood. It is a self-correcting mechanism.

Back in the day there would be world PvP even on PvE servers, notably in places like Hillsbrad. The only way that anyone could get anything done was for people to work together to protect each other.

So my advice is: do likewise.

If  your factionmates can’t be arsed to come help, if your own guild won’t, then your faction has surrendered the battlefield until they muster the resources to reclaim it.

On the matter of faction balance, which was pointed out in the comments, well, there’s the rub. Blizz does have a responsibility to balance things out, I agree. On an unbalanced PvP server, one side is stuck in what must seem like Groundhog Day at best, Miracle Day at worst.

So, to summarize: ganking, yes, griefing, no, and somebody should do something about that server balance thing.

Also: one more reason I’ll never set foot on a PvP server again.

You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way! And that’s how you get Capone.

Malone obviously knew all about world PvP.

Too bad he got ganked.

  1. If I had to find a flaw, to find fault, it would be that this was not spelled out. []

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Eff the Ineffable has dipped its toe into the world of PvP as a guild, now. It’s been a long time – BC! – since I set foot in a BG for reals. I was suitably nervous, not even knowing the right kind of pet to bring to the party.

We were unable to field 10 for a rated BG, so we five-man did two random BGs just to get some experience at it. In the first (EotS) I did pretty good, delivering massive damage to the enemy. Not knowing a strat to follow, I just focused on killing Horde. That was marvelous.

Our second BG was Twin Peaks, and I was even more lost there, having never seen the BG in person. To make matters worse, the Horde had one hella good DK who really knew his stuff. He’d lock down the entire area, beat the hell out of his targets, use his cooldowns extremely well – in short, he pwned face. I made it my goal, whenever I saw him, to focus on him with every thing I had. He returned the favor, more often than not. Diaz of whatever server, hats off to you, bud.  Until we meet again.

I’m no good at this PvP thing, but I see no reason I can’t contribute in some way, and I do usually enjoy myself, so I plan on doing what I can to improve.

  • Develop a good PvP glyph build
  • Develop keybinds and learn them. Must be able to switch back and forth to PvE set.
  • Find and train a good PvP pet or two.
  • Find the most effective PvP build and in general adopt it as my off-spec (BM or MM).
  • Pay a visit to Cyn for some good BG cheat sheets
  • Develop PvP gear set – which will happen over time.

Speaking of blowing things up

When I found I would be in competition with a fellow guildie on the glyph market, I decided to drop that spec and focus on something else1. I chose Engineering as it offers many fun perks.  Now, of course, it also offers some means of making mayhem on the enemy, as well, so I am doubly satisfied at my new career choice.

I’ve chosen Gnome Mode, we’ll see how that works out.

  1. Also, the market was turning out to be less than vital compared to others, so my guildie’s decision mostly just tipped me over the line rather than forced my hand. []

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